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The female form rendered in stone represents the concept of StoneWomynArt. Small to medium in size, each piece of soapstone or alabaster are whole figures or body fragments; small studies of the body,  that have a fetish quality to them. These small pieces feel good to hold or touch.   My sculpturereflect my connection to this world as a woman artist.   They are gestural in pose, allowing the striations and veins to accentuate the curves and contours of the body.  It is my intent for my stone pieces to be viewed up close and put in an area where the piece can interact with the owners  life.  Sources of inspiration for these pieces rest in mythology, religion and everyday life. Stone has become my primary medium for sculpture. Larger pieces can take weeks, while smaller pieces can take days. They are my visions and perceptions of the female form that pushes forward in development in a quiet but expressive way.

My earlier works in clay have always been a part of the Napihedz dynamic. The Napihedz, which include armature and early clay works are the catalyst for the StoneWomynArt vision. They offered endless exploration into various mediums, and sparked ideas that were expressed in my early works and have continued with stone. The Napihedz evolved, transformed  and communicated a "rebirth" of the spirit. They are my beginning explorations into carving stone. There is an inner peace about them, although they are seeking solace, redemption, freedom and the need to be seen and heard.  A quiet strength, a lone star on a spiritual journey taking the path less traveled. They are dreamers and visionaries revealing the beauty of their souls while looking beyond the alluring surface qualities.  Together they all convey my beliefs and views that have also progressed as I move further into my concepts of the StoneWomnynArt.

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